No, we’re not talking about old/young porn (NSFW), you fetishist freaks!  This is a great chance to show off one of Sailing Anarchy’s newest contributors – 25 year old videographer Sam Greenfield – as he follows around one of our real veterans – Quantum TV producer Keith Brash.  With shit equipment and almost no planning, Sam managed to tell a great story of Quantum’s comeback victory on the last day of the Godo Trophy TP52 event in Barcelona last week.  Here’s what he said:

I got on the train for Barcelona with one idea in mind:  Follow Keith Brash with a camera for one day and cobble together a profile of one of sailing’s top video guys.  A punchy South African with a passion for skateboards and the art of the standing jump, he seemed the perfect candidate for a little ‘day in the life’ video tale.

The plan:  Make the train, and hope the rest works itself out.  One problem: Keith didn’t know shit about the plan.

Keith Brash is the reason why Quantum produces some of the most innovative and engaging content in the sailing industry. In 2008 he pioneered a model by convincing Quantum Racing that a designated media man, armed with some GoPros and a laptop, could bring value to a racing program by embracing social media.  And no one does it better than Keith.  If you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, you can get to know Quantum Sails TV on their Youtube channel here, or their Facebook page here.

On the last day of the Godo, thirty minutes before cast off, I finally found Keith in the Quantum trailer and pitched the profile.

He was sold, except for one stinging detail.  It was Keith’s day to film onboard.

“Not a problem, mate,” he reassured, grabbing his skateboard.

See how the rest unfolded above.

To Helena de la Gandara and the entire 52 SuperSeries organization, muchas gracias.  And the same to Team Rio, Jesús Renedo, Keith Brash and Quantum Racing for the rides.