Why would you send out a public statement about a “private” event like this? Why not just make it a public event?? You know, so the community can feel a part of this tragedy, be allowed to grieve with the team, instead of in on-line forums? No, instead the perception of a behind closed doors, no questions allowed, bunker mentality exists, endearing them to nobody. ¬†And yet another chance to lead, to give the public at least the perception of caring is blown. How sad…

Artemis Racing today held a private ceremony commemorating the memory of our friend and teammate Andrew “Bart” Simpson. After eight bells, a wreath was cast upon the water by representatives of the four teams of the 34th America’s Cup. Then the morning’s rain parted and sunshine spread across San Francisco Bay. The Artemis Racing team thanks everyone for their support. Bart, may you rest in peace.