what are they hiding?

An Anarchist wonders what, exactly is going on with Artemis?

What are they hiding? I have been following this story from the beginning. Looked at every news story, Official statement, forum postings, you name it. And as much as I understand (or think I understand) some of the potential legal issues, liability issues, AC protocol (There is such a thing, correct?), Police and Coast Guard procedures, sensitivity to Andrew Simpson’s family, etc. I cannot understand why Artemis hasn’t said anything. Anything.

I am sure there is much I do not know. I am not a pro. But Is this not precisely when, if you were them, that you would say something? And not just something. Something profound. Something heartfelt. Something revelatory. The AC, and by extension, the sport requires leadership during a situation like this. It is expected that the AC Organizers would do what they have to do, but then why does Artemis not do what they have to do: Tell us what they know. Because we all know that they know what happened. As stated on this site, there must be a number of videos showing most, if not all, of what happened. Release them, make public appearances, hold press conferences. Tell us what in the hell happened.

But they aren’t. And the question is why? Is there something damning to the team? The designer? The builder? Is there a trail that leads to what happened that they do not wish to reveal? Is there a massive cover-up? Are they buying time in order to do just that?

Who knows? But because of their unbelievable silence, we are all, myself included as evidenced by this, doing exactly what the team has asked everyone not to do: speculate. Of course we are speculating, what do you expect we would do?

Artemis, for the love of God, while there is still time, attempt to rescue this. Have your World Champion, veteran CEO take control and take charge. Knowing all the considerations that the team surely has, still show us some honesty, some transparency, and some insight about what happened. Because  if you do not, this is going to be a cloud that will follow you for the rest of your lives.