shore thang

Roberto Tomasino Grinover wins ‘best shore crew’ at pretty much every event, but he also walked away Sunday with the Peter Island Melges 32 win and the overall Melges 32 Virgin Islands Sailing Series title.  Robertissima now heads to Italy for the M32 summer season.  After a season of sailing around at the back of the fleet, Clean and the Smile and Wave crew pulled off a stunning 4th place (tied for 3rd but lost the tiebreak), beating guys like Alex Jackson/Paul Goodison on Leenabarca and Ryan Devos/Ed Baird on Volpe in the 7-race regatta; we’ll have a long form report on the event and series once His Baldness is no longer surrounded by girls like the lovely Natascha, seen here folding the A-3 with great technique…Alan Block photo.