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A little Big Pimpin’ from our loyal supporters!

Wot-tac is the revolutionary course calculating device that can be used by dinghies and keelboat racers. Now wot-tac have been appointed an authorized Raymarine dealer.

Using the wot-tac and the Tacktick Micro Compass is the ideal combination for every sailboat racer. The Micro Compass is the ideal instrument to give the numbers every sailor needs while the wot-tac gives the answers. The key features of the wot-tac are:

Predicts the start line bias for a committee boat start
Predicts the wind angle over the side of the boat for any leg of a race where the bearing is known.
Predicts whether a gybe or bear away set is preferred on a windward leeward course if there is a wind shift
Predicts the course bearing to be sailed for an Olympic or Trapezoidal course.

  • It was invented by Jonathan Abraham who was determined to find a way to predict wind direction from the side of a boat without using a chart table. He said: “I’m very pleased that we’ve teamed up with Raymarine to offer the Micro Compass and Race Master wireless instruments. The wot-tac is the ideal partner for the Micro Compass and provides the sailboat racer with the winning combination.