last hurrah

Antigua Sailing Week is, save for a few small exceptions, the Caribbean’s last real event of the season, and it’s generally a fitting end to the best winter circuit in the sport.  The island may lack the culinary and risqué latenight flair of St. Maarten or St. Barths, but it serves to give a thousand or so sailors a chance at one final week of debauchery with a backdrop of usually honking wind and big waves on long, scenic W/L-ish courses – plus, the very civilized practice of a real Lay Day…

Above is a sexy aerial and water-based look at Monday’s racing from our pals at Acquafilms; stay tuned for a report on the one-day Nonsuch Bay RS Elite Challenge, where Performance Yacht Charters’ Christian and Lucy Reynolds have saddled themselves with Mr. Clean for the short-course one-design event.  Results thus far are here, and Clean’s coverage is brought to you by Line Honors Yacht Racing Outfitters – check ’em out.