crank call

We came across the beauty sent to a yacht club that shall remain anonymous.  Apparently the letter goes on and on, and is no doubt sent from some old, cranky member. And though the response from the commodore should have been “this is a sailing club, sometimes sailors change clothes outside, and we’d suggest that if  that somehow offends you, that perhaps this isn’t the club for you”. But we doubt it.

Good afternoon Commodore  and General Manager

Yesterday around 0900 my wife and I were driving to the parking area to do some work on our vessel. As we rounded the corner we were greeted with a repulsive sight! A sailor was changing into his sailing clothes from the trunk of his vehicle smack dab in the middle of the parking lot!

My wife uttered something to the effect that she couldn’t bear to look, but I did, and everything down to the substantial “crack” above boxer trunks at half mast on an overweight body was clearly visible. We went by looking for a parking spot but found none, so turned around only to be confronted by the same individual in his speedo underwear. In either “viewing”, he exhibited no embarrassment or hesitancy.

I should mention this was not the first time this has happened. The same phenomenon occurred a couple of years ago in the main parking lot as we arrived for Mother’s Day brunch. At that time, I politely asked the sailor/member to change clothes elsewhere, and he apologized.