getting real

The bad-ass 60′ trimaran Loe Real crushed it on the Newport to Ensenada Race, finishing the 125 mile race first in 07:03:51, just missing the outright elapsed time record by 17 minutes. The 52′ catamaran Afterburner was next,  40 minutes later. The first monohull in was the R/P 65 Bad Pak with an elapsed time of 10:58:30. The TP 52 Meanie won overall on corrected time, beating Bad Pak by 2 minutes! Check more finish times here

Meanwhile here is an onboard report from earlier today from  K Mag onboard the J/125 Timeshaver: A beautiful day of sailing! This years N2E is in full swing right now as we pass Point Loma at 5:30pm on the J-125 ‘Timeshaver.’  We had a good start (avoided a certain boat in our class like the plague) and immediately went to our small laminate Code 0.  Horizon below us and the two Farr 40’s above us meant we had to hold our lane well and avoid any dirty air.  We managed that and now set up for the day.  We opted to be one of the further boats out and ended up switching to our 3A pretty quickly.  

With the wind at 260-270 we put the bow up and got on a low plane at about 140 degrees.  We were constantly in the mid teens as we scooted past Horizon, Blue Blazes and anyone else near us.  Derivative the other J-125 went inside and he is now off our quarter stern to leeward about 2 miles behind us.  Horizon is to weather and behind about a mile.  We are now doing about 10kts aimed about 1 mile outside the Coronado Islands… Hope this is the right call because Blue Blazes is looking their going inside the islands at this point..  Ensenada by midnight??