full course

We promised you a spectacular Petey Crawford/Penalty Box Productions wrap video from Charleston Race Week, and we challenge you to show us a better highlight reel from any multi-class regatta; we’ve never seen one.

This one’s got it all:  Big booties, gorgeous girls, crashes, wipeouts, high speed runs, downtown action, big boats, little boats, old boats, and new boats, gorgeous girls, extremely low speed takedowns, plenty of interviews with some of the best of the best and the funniest of the funny, and did we mention, gorgeous girls?  Remember to look for Clean’s full report from the event, coming shortly.

Video coverage provided by Sailing Anarchy in association with Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week, the Melges 20 and Melges 24 fleets, Melges Performance SailboatsGill North AmericaCoral Reef Sailing Apparel, and Latis Yachting Solutions.