not fade away


Brian Hancock from SpeedDream shares some perspective on the recently departed Magnus Olsson…

The sailing community lost a true legend this past weekend. Few individuals have had such an impact on sailing as the irrepressible Magnus Olsson who died on Saturday from complications from a stroke. It really is hard to believe that he has sailed his last passage and that those of us left behind will continue to sail on without the sound of his laughter booming out from below decks. Life on the lip of a cresting wave will simply not be the same without Mange.

I arrived on the sailing scene in the late 70’s and heard talk of an immensely attractive Swede who somehow made a living as a ski bum in the winter and a sailing bum in the summer. I was intrigued and more than a little curious to know how such a life was possible, but when I met Magnus for the first time it became obvious. Here was a person who had such an appetite for life, such an amazing zest for squeezing every bit of juice out of living that it was hard not to wonder what planet he was from. Turned out he was from a suburb of Stockholm and his zest was genuine. More than three decades later, until just last week, that booming laugh, infectious smile and twinkle in the eye was there. His passing is truly a sad loss, not only for sailing, but for humanity. Read on.