thin ice

We have all heard the expression ” on thin ice”…….As in- you are skating on? This remarkable GPS track by Tom Mack shows everything. Thick spots, thin spots,pressure ridges, and the route taken by 18 Kitewing sailors this Saturday on Lake Sunapee New Hampshire.

The State of New Hampshire has five lighthouses, yet only two are at the seacoast where one would expect to see them. The rest are situated on Lake Sunapee [elevation 1102 feet/335m above sea level]. Built to guide steamships across the lake in the late 1800’s the Lake Sunapee lighthouses are now on the national register, and carefully maintained. The “Tour de Phare” got started in 2006 as a fun race “around the lights” and remains so today.

Kitewing sailors from all over the northeast converged on Lake Sunapee this past weekend for a season finale under seemingly implausible conditions. “The sun angles and day lengths are equal to the third day of September right now- and we are still wing sailing- awesome!” said William Tuthill of Jamestown, Rhode Island.
Ice sailing with sunblock, open water, and a BBQ on the beach- check it……