137 days

Chinese skipper Guo Chuan crossed the finish line at around 1.00 GMT/UTC on Apr 5, setting a new world record of Class 40 solo non-stop circumnavigation.┬áThe circumnavigation is from 18 Nov, 2013 to 5 Apr, 2014. The whole journey lasts 137day20hour2min28sec. Impressive. Some of Guo’s quotes:

-I am extremely happy today. I have not seen so many people for such a long time. And today I saw so many, so many relatives, friends, fellow countrymen. I must be the happiest man in the world today.

-It is difficult to describe my feeling at the moment. It is still like a dream, I feel like being in a dream. Sometimes during the journey, I do not know if I could go home. In Cape Horn, when I could not see anything in the wave, I felt it might be too far to go back. Several days ago in Taiwan Strait, I suspected if I could go home with the boat safely. But finally, it is all over.

-I have to say many many thanks to my family, my friends, my sponsors. But I’d like to say ‘THANK YOU’ to the wind as well. For the whole journey, wind is always accompanying me. It is fighting with me, it is driving me back home.