i’m not angry

We’ve always had plenty to say about Paul Cayard, most of it critical. His carefully manicured public image excepted, we are clearly not alone in our opinions. We weren’t expecting much (and we weren’t disappointed), but imagine our surprise when he said yes to an Innerview via e-mail! It’s alarmingly brief, not pretty, but here it is….

SA:  Let’s get right to it: Why do you hate Sailing Anarchy?

PC: You guys are a joke. I don’t hate you, I barely even pay any attention to you at all, but you are a joke. No one in the industry considers you legitimate.

SA: How then do you explain our incredible traffic numbers?

PC: Who cares? In the real sailing world, we do real things. What you do is make believe.

SA: Speaking of make believe, how do you explain the disastrous AC 72 you are responsible for? You know, the one without foils?

PC: This is exactly what I am talking about with you guys. You don’t know anything, but you love to speculate. I don’t have time for it, and neither does anyone else I know.

SA: Why did Terry Hutchinson get fired? Was it your decision?

PC: Every executive decision within Artemis is my decision.

SA: So why fire Hutch?

PC: We expect a certain level of expertise. It simply wasn’t being delivered.

SA: Why do you think you are perceived as arrogant, aloof, angry and isolated?

PC: I’m not angry. Again, this is something created by you that has no basis in reality.

SA: After the Artemis AC effort goes down in flames, where will your next fat paycheck come from?

PC: This interview is over.

Well there it is, people. Went about like we expected it would. What a douche. Title inspiration thanks to Elvis Costello.