guess who’s coming to dinner?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “Why don’t you get an Etchells?” I’d have about $117 bucks. My standard answer has always been “because they are pigs and the fleet is full of douchebags.” And while both of those are not untrue, I have been looking around at what’s next for me after selling Anarchy. Thought about a J/70, but I just can’t see joining the SD J Army, and really, for Dago, there is only one choice: The Etchells 22.

After a fair bit of research and soul-searching (“really? this is what I have become?”) I, with great reservations, ┬ápulled the trigger and bought this boat! I have enlisted the services of Mark Reynolds, and we are going to put together a fairly ambitious schedule, starting this summer, most likely debuting at the SDYC June 1-2 OD Weekend. I expect to be poorly received by the majority of the class, frequently tacked on, and yet am fairly confident that we will be winning races sooner as opposed to later. Boat name? Bite Me. – Ed.