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Thanks to a massive cash infusion from a private investor who wishes to stay that way, Sailing Anarchy will sport a new, slightly more conservative look and feel later this summer with this Anarchy symbol as our new logo.  We know we just redesigned our look a few months back, but this new money will bring a whole new world of Anarchy to sailors worldwide, so we rolled with our new partner’s request for a ‘cleaner’ look, along with a “toned-down” content focus. The new Anarchy will include four new Sailing Anarchy sites – in French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese – as well as a weekly online radio show and monthly one-hour video highlight film of sailing around the world.  We’ll also be supplying on-site coverage for dozens of new events, with our partner’s big yacht (seen here) serving as our new mothership, media HQ, and party central, from the Med to NZ.  Look for her in San Fran starting in July!