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AC Dope

As if the upcoming America’s Cup in Frisco, didn’t have enough problems…

According to the gay rights group Strong Together, the ACOC is “actively working against the gay community” in San Francisco “by intentionally not choosing LGBT sailors, administrators or trainers to be a part of this event.”

Coming on the heels of community concerns and questions about the financial state of the AC, land and water use rights, and the overall elitist vibe surrounding the event, the last thing needed in a gay friendly city is an unfriendly gay rights group complaining about the AC. Said one source who wished to remain anonymous, “of course there are gay sailors in the AC, but who is going to be the first one out of the closet in this macho-man sport?”

City officials were scrambling to meet with the ACOC in order to attempt to control an issue that could become huge in a town like Frisco. More as we get it…