where it at?

AC Dope

Team New Zealand failed to provide information required as part of its $36 million deal with the Government for more than a year, a Sunday Star-Times investigation has found. And it took the Ministry of Economic Development that long to do anything about the apparent breach of the funding deal – finally sending an email to the yachting team saying “we haven’t received any quarterly reports from you in quite a while”.

Team boss Grant Dalton apologised in an email, but complained that earlier reports “just seemed to disappear into a black hole”. From Stuff, read on.

The emails form part of hundreds of pages of documents released under the Official Information Act. We asked for financial information provided by Team NZ to the Government after sources close to the team told us they had concerns over a lack of accountability over how the money was being spent.

“So many people are asking these questions. There’s no accountability, no transparency around the public money,” an America’s Cup veteran said. “Questions need to be asked of the Government – you provided the money, what accountability is there?”