spawn of monster garage

I have built this myself at home in my gararge. Still about 2 months to launching. I’m still finishing off the keel and fitting it out at the moment. It is for 2 crew with self tacking jib and gennaker with a tunnel for launch and retrieval of the gennaker. Lift keel and a under hull spade rudder which is also easy removable. No idea yet how quick it will be.

Its only real purpose is to take it’s aging, over weight owner out for a sail. I don’t care about handicaps, rating rules, politics and all the associated horse shit or anything like that. I figure the guy steering will be a handicap enough. It is built purely for the fun of sailing and a few beers with freinds. If we actually manage to beat anyone, thats just a bonus, and if not we will just open another beer, tell some dirty jokes and start planning the next boat project. – Anarchist Hannson.