it comes to this

After months of preparation and planning the NHYC-Cabo Race is finally upon us. The lineup is looking strong, as a lot of the boats are gearing up for what is sure to be a huge Transpac year. Once again I am racing on Viggo Tornenson’s J-125 ‘Timeshaver’ with crew members Dave Millett, Erik Brockman, Blake “Tokyo” Hamilton and Jack Maranto.

New sails on the boat, bottom re-done, boat dialed in, and now a weather forecast… well lets skip that part because it looks depressing. More importantly are the final preparations between friends and co-workers. The preverbal ‘shit talk’ that accompanies this sport.

After a morning of final touches on sails and heightened competition between myself, and friend Erik Shampain , we have resorted to this… Drawing pictures to display why we are better than the other person. Erik just got a nice one-piece fleece and I made the mistake of looking on with a little envy. So this showed up on my desk (not even going to show you the drawings that preceded this one). Artwork courtesy of Erik Shampain.

Well I was hoping this day would be filled with excitement and anticipation of another fun ride down the coast but it has resorted to the above.  Anyway, both Erik who is on the SC-50 Horizon, and myself will be doing live updates via Sailing Anarchy, our FaceBook and since it looks like we will have so much time on our hands I will be hitting the Twitter also. – Kieth (K-mag) Magnussen.