Doing something he swore he would never do again (gee, we’ve never heard that before) The Ed is sailing in the Dago nood starting tomorrow, in an Ultimate 20.  The only saving grace to this lame event is that some of the classes (including the U 20) are sailing in the South Bay out of Coronado Yacht Club.

Having finally dropped their ridiculous US Ailing membership requirement for entry, the nood is still rife with officious bullshit: Entering is not enough, you must also register and if you don’t register, you won’t be an official entrant. Oh and part of that registration is that you must have your crew waiver form not only signed by the skipper and crew, it also must be witnessed. JFC, why not require that it be notarized as well? And the complete nonsense of being required to buy $45 wristbands to be able to enter their precious parties is a farce. We’re sure there will be plenty of industry glad-handers there,  but as usual, The Ed won’t be one of them.  Thanks to Eminem for the title inspiration.

Update: With a crewmember calling in sick Friday am, a last-minute replacement, and a really bad opening race that saw us drop from 4th to DFL because we couldn’t get the kite up, The Sparkle Pony Princess got a 3rd in race two, but  had to bail on race 3 in order for me to pick up my kids by 5pm.  Crewmember is still sick though, and no replacements around so we’re gonna call this one a day. The U20 is a cool little boat with a good class full of nice folks. Bummer that we can’t be a part of it all – Ed.