Clean Report

bigmouth strikes again

As you can see by this video from the other day, TVNZ’s Martin Tasker has had more time playing with ETNZ’s AC72 than anyone.  Finally SA gets some; our own Mr. Clean will get a chance to poke around aboard Aoteaoroa this Wednesday while sailing aboard the foiling monster.

“I don’t know what kind of non-disclosure agreement I will be sailing under, or even if I will be allowed to shoot anything at all, but I’ll still do my best to find out whatever SA’ers most want to know,”  he wrote us in a short email from 32,000 feet.

He also asked that ‘you obsessed AC Anarchy freaks’ post your questions about the campaign, the 72, or anything else to the thread he started.  ‘You are the research department’, he explained, ‘and I wouldn’t trade you for all the professional journalists in the world.’

Title comes via the songwriting skills of this guy…