Finally, Paige Brooks brings us a little good news…

It’s a regular conversation we have around the docks and the bars of yacht clubs and sailing centers: how we can get more people to join the club, grow the class, start sailing, or return to sailing. The Richmond Yacht Club doesn’t talk about it though. They just do it. Every year I can remember, they have hosted a community sailing day called Sail a Small Boat Day. They invite everyone and advertise it in the sailing rags, in the neighborhood, in social media…every way they can to get people down to the dock on a Saturday morning in early March.

This past Saturday dawned cool, clear and light. The salty sailors at RYC were bemoaning the light air, but it made getting on and off the boats for the people new to the club a lot less hectic. Every sort of small boat was in the water from Toronados to the super sexy Aussie 18s. They count visitors to the event by the number of waivers that are signed (smart), and this year they had around 100 people aged from 8 – 80 messing about in boats (no doubt few more snuck by the waiver signing station).

The club was full of dock side chatter, helping people in out of boats, shoving them off to sail around in the harbor or down the channel to connect or re-connect with the power of nature, physics and the aesthetic beauty that is sailing.

Nice job Richmond Yacht Club.