paddle up and help

Watertribe Everglades Challenger StandUpMan aka Shane Perrin is a true Anarchist and a dude with some serious stones. He is attempting to complete the challenge on a stand-up paddleboard. Last night he made all the way to Rose Marina on the north end of Marco Island, planning to rest and continue this morning. He awoke this morning to discover that some bucket of scum stole just about all his gear: his electronics including GPS, PLB, Spot, and VHF, and a lot of other essentials. Shane is also running this event to help raise funds to purchase paddleboards for kids on dialysis. He has a donation site where you can read more about his inspirational story.

If there are any Anarchists in the area who could help this amazing fellow continue on his journey or contribute to his cause, please let me know and I’ll coordinate getting everyone together. Anarchist MisterMoon – [email protected].