don’t adjust that dial

It ain’t gonna get any clearer, because an ancient video camera shooting AC72s at 35 knots from a little runabout just never will. But sometimes clarity’s far less important than presence, and fortunately, SA’er “deer with no eyes” had the balls to put himself in front of Luna Rossa and the new ETNZ cats yesterday, capturing the first ever video of two foiling Cup boats at full tilt. You can watch the highly produced update of the same session from the official team site, but it doesn’t show what this one does; pure power, pure magic, pure sex on above the water.  You can check the thread for some fascinating insight on the day starting here with the 6617th post on the ETNZ 72 thread [holy crap!], and here are some excerpts from deer:

This vid was after a start and they two sail reached over to mark for a bearaway, they sailed on for a bit then stopped. Didn’t deploy gennakers, but was amazing to see how far forward the apparent goes and they kept foiling. So wasn’t upwind foiling…

 i would go out there everyday and watch if i could. One of the funny things was a Prada chase boat came up and said “did you guys just post on SA?” Yes, I had. They are watching!

When they were sailing upwind proper, neither even looking like foiling in the slightest. They can easily foil when cracked off without the gennaker, certainly when they went to an angle similar to gennaker on angle it didnt look as easy however i was amazed at how stable ETNZ were on the foils.

The action in Auckland was enough to convince our own roving reporter to take a break from his oh-so-tough Caribbean Melges 32 schedule to fly halfway round the world for a spin.  Watch this space and the ETNZ thread for details, an ‘ask Clean’ thread, and bar nights scheduled for the Viaduct…