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2013 A-Class US Midwinter Championship

Aussie A-Class sailor Ben Moon currently living and working in the US for RONSTAN did his boss proud by winning the 2013 RONSTAN A-Class Catamaran US Midwinter Championship sailed at the Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL this past weekend. Moon dominated the 22 boat fleet in a 9 race series with a perfect score of all firsts. His upwind sailing showed a height and speed mode that no one in the fleet could match.

This in combination with excellent downwind speed and smart conservative race tactics made it relatively easy for Moon to achieve his perfect score. Moon’s success in this regatta and his recent successes at the 2011 World Championship (8th overall in a 99 boat fleet) and 2012 European Championship (8th overall in a 96 boat fleet) have established him as one of the top A-Class sailors internationally and this is being recognized with the opportunity to race a Scheurer G6 A-Class provided by the builder at the 2013 European Championship in Barcelona and the 2014 World Championship in New Zealand. Ben’s success in the class is great for US sailors as he freely shares his experience and knowledge to help raise and maintain the level of the US A-Class fleet.

The Midwinter championship was held in near perfect conditions for each of the three days of racing. On Friday, three races were held in 13-16 knots of breeze. On Saturday, the breeze was stronger with 14-18 knots for race 4 and 17-21 knots for race 5. On Sunday four races were held in 7-12 knots of breeze. Each day was warm with highs in the low 80’s. The Davis Island Yacht Club did a superb job of hosting the event both with excellent race management and a great restaurant and bar for the competitors to enjoy at the end of the day. This yacht club is becoming a big favorite for classes to host their midwinter championships. The members are very friendly and cordial to visiting sailors.

The other top five finishers were Bob Hodges from Pontchartrain Yacht Club (Mandeville, LA) in 2nd, Ben Hall from Bristol Yacht Club (Bristol, RI) in 3rd, Jeremy Herrin from Sarasota Sailing Squadron in 4th, and Bob Curry from Fort Walton Yacht Club (Fort Walton Beach, FL) in 5th. Jeremy was the youngest sailor in the fleet at age 17 and he was sailing an OH Rodgers designed A-Class that he and his father built themselves.

When you talk about the A-Class, everyone wants to know what the top sailors are sailing at an event given the development nature of the class. Moon was sailing a German Nikita design with a Fiberfoam mast and Glaser Den Ben 11 sail. Hodges was sailing a Dutch DNA design with a Saarberg mast and Glaser Den Ben 11 sail. Hall was sailing his own Barracuda design that he built at HALL SPARS in Bristol, RI along with a Hall mast (of course!) and a Landenberger sail. Herrin was sailing an OH Rodgers (Tampa, FL) design with a Fiberfoam mast and Glaser sail. Finally Curry was sailing a Bluestreak Boatworks EVO HT design with a Hall mast and Landenberger sail one day and Elliot sail for two other days.

The next event on the 2013 US A-Class calendar is the Admiral’s Cup and we gladly return to Davis Island Yacht Club in one month for this event.
Results here.  – Bob Hodges.