get smart

We are quite happy to have UK Sailmakers advertising with us again, and here is their latest pimpin’ – and this might actually make you better…

You may have been the Rules maven on your boat, but the Rules have been updated and now your knowledge base may be a little, well, 2012. UK Sailmakers has come-up with a great tool for learning the racing rules of sailing. Their new Rules Quiz program is radically different than anything on the market. Not only will this program make you smart again, but you’ll have fun in the process.

The big difference is the graphic tools you have at your fingertips. You have the options of showing the zone, overlap lines, a rotatable “distance from the mark” grid, track lines, and more. Each of these features can be turned on or off at will, and can be used in any combination. If you want to know if a boat established an overlap at the zone, turn on the zone and overlap features. Done, no fuss!

To find out who the experts say was naughty and who was nice, click on the answers section. The explanations are written in the same format protest committees use to write-up a decision: the Facts Found followed Conclusions and Rules That Apply. This is the best way to understand the decision process. Click on any Rule cited or definition used and you have instant access to the full Rule or definition. Want to know what Rule 18 says, click on the link and up it pops. Everything needed to learn the new Rules is there on one screen.

Feel like you’re getting your smarts back? Here’s where they say “But, wait, there’s more!”

Some key things about the new Rules Quiz program are that it’s Cloud-based and playable on any device with internet access. There’s nothing to download, you’ll have instant access to new quizzes as they’re posted, and, oh yeah, you keep getting smarter.

To see a video on the UK Rules Quiz, click here. To try a demo Quiz, click here. To buy the UK Rules Quiz for $55 ($40 as an upgrade for previous version subscribers) click here.

Now that you can access the program on anyone’s computer, you can solve rules questions whenever they come up. Say you’re in the bar after racing, and the other guy whips-out his iPad. Take him online and show him why he was wrong. Ah, there are those smarts paying-off again.

One last thing. In the past you had to import some high-priced Rules guru to run your own Rules seminar. Now, all you need is a computer projector and you can host your own rules quiz at your club, at a crew dinner, or even on the boat waiting for the AP to come down (OK, no projectors in the cockpit, please). Now’s the time to get your Rules smarts back.