gold rushed

Graduating from St. Mary’s College the same year as Maserati crew and rigger Ryan Breymaier was supercoach and high-po racer Mark Ivey, who shot this photo as about 30 boats welcomed the turbo Volvo 70 into SF Bay.  Ryan’s old crew at race management company Kairos (ex-Veolia) sent in this little tribute to the blonde expat, whose hard work and connections wife have quickly helped him ascend to the very top levels of offshore racing.  How come none of you rich Anarchists have sponsored him for a Vendee or BWR yet?

Meanwhile, Gio Soldini’s experiment has lit a few fires, and we hear a couple of VO-70s have been bought up and are enroute to Sydney for some turbo-ing of their own; Australia seems to be one of the few places where people still have money to spend on these toys!  Bob Oatley needs to look in his rear view, and not just for the RamSpeed.  You can get more pics and video from the Maserati thread here.