digital memorial

In honor of recently passed die-hard Anarchist Simon “Evo” Evans, the SA’ers have launched a digital regatta in his name.  Here’s the NOR, and here’s a link to get you started if you have no idea what we’re talking about, and a link to the memorial race thread to ask specific questions.

Come one, come all and join us as we race our way into April.  Plenty of history, and the beginning of a way to finish out the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

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NOTICE OF RACE — The SA_EVO Memorial Spring Sailing Series

St-Malo / Les Açores Start 24 feb 1200 GMT

Marseille/Venise Start 2 March 1200 GMT

Atlantic Record Start Window 9 March 1200 – 16 March1200

Sydney – Hobart Start 23 March 1200 GMT


The Series will be a best 3 results scored in the regular regatta fashion with the winner being awarded one point and additional finishers being awarded their position in points 2 for second 3 for 3rd etc.  Ties will be broken first by skippers attending all 4 races, and by the ET of the Atlantic course if required.

Your Boat name will be EVO_(your SA Screen name) in order to be scored and to encourage proper shit slinging.

You may start late or restart if required, but no later than 3 hours after the official start. In order to be scored you will need to note your start time in the Team field (Ex. Late: +2 Hours) This must be displayed for the duration for the scoring body to adjust your time.

Protests:  We are all big boys and girls, deal with the hand your dealt, being a bitch will result in a DNF.  Snaggie will be presiding.

You must post your results by cutting and pasting your finish announcement. We will start a thread for this purpose for each race, to make scoring easier and “official”.

If you don’t know what this all about go here.

Have Fun, Grow a set and get in on the action! You know you are the best sailor on the planet, come show us how it’s done!

Lastly, we need volunteers!
Scoring- Scottmax, BrianM, Bowgirl, I like you guys for this but anyone is welcome.
Poodle handlers– Available
Protest Committee-Jury of three with Snaggie presiding and issuing rulings as only he can. so two additional spots available.
Trophy (Swag) Supplier- RexII