mob app

A little Big Pimpin’ for you…

I am a French sailor and I usually sail and compete as genoa and spi trimmer on different kinds of boats, such as Sinergia 40, Farr 40, GP42, and other cruiser racers. I also own a Minitransat 6.50 with which I participate in coastal and short offshore regattas.

After many deliveries and participation in offshore regattas, I realized that more and more iPhones and iPads are appearing on boats and with this realization came the idea that it would be interesting to have an app which could complete the MOB systems usually found onboard through GPS devices. This app is not meant to replace the very effective systems which we normally find onboard, but may be used as a complementary feature.

The basic idea is to obtain as much information as possible so as to return to an initial point memorized at the start-up of the app. Obviously we will have the latitude and longitude positions, the distance to the target, the amount of time elapsed, as well as a compass with an arrow and numbers indicating the course to be followed. Additionally we can also find a small green and round button which automatically composes a telephone number that has been previously stored (this function depends directly on the quality of the telephone reception network).

Please check my blog. It is an application called MOBA, which I have developed for iPhone and iPad, in collaboration with these guys. Available at the Apple Store. This app will also be very useful when practicing many other outdoor activities. I hope you’ll like it and will find it useful. – Stéphane Azzoni.