pope paul

A bit of a poke from Anarchist Clash…

Shock news this week as Pope Paul resigns. Christ! Are things at Artemis really that bad? Unable to make the sign of the cross beam, our stateless wonder has finally called it a day.

Pseudo-Yanked from the strange reality of a jet-set lifestyle, our Hero has realised his boat don’t fly at all. No more state visits from our vacuous pontificator in chief. Best blame the vacuum bags instead?

Poor pontif. And end to any thought of Tea With the Queen. Oh for sweet divine intervention. Ah ha voila! Curse the lack of T-Foils and sack T-Hutch instead. After all, he hasn’t got a pot of Gold Medals in the Vatican Bank either.

You can see the sunny side up logic on that one. Roll on, ex-benedict…..