blinded by the light

Dear Mr Clean.

Thank you for your letter and greetings from snowy Newport (that’s me to the left not sailing while Clean was wreaking havoc) where my North Sails responsibilities are taking over every aspect of my life! My new job was actually great news for the guys at Marstrom Boats because without me there this past weekend they had the opportunity to take friends and potential M-32 Cat owners out on Biscayne Bay to test drive my new toy. Until Saturday afternoon it was all going really well. Heck, I even got down there for a couple days the weekend prior to blast around. But alas, the doomed crew reported that they were enjoying the day immensely until they were all temporarily blinded by a reflection when someone in your powerboat apparently took off their hat. Perhaps easily distracted, the unfortunate group of sailors claim that the blindness, which lead to an inadvertent gybe, caused the boat to flip over on top of them and its lovely rig went into the mud which snapped one of the diamond shrouds and the top section of the mast.

As you can imagine, I was more than a bit disappointed by this news but it wasn’t until I read your letter in Sailing Anarchy that I really saw the bright side of this. First, the guys on the boat just swam away and besides a bit of embarrassment, nobody was hurt. As you would expect, Marstrom is completely stepping up and replacing the shrouds and the section of the mast that broke. And the rest of the yacht is unscathed and heading north soon by trailer. Therefore all is well and this simply needs to be chalked up to the price of doing business when trying to build a class and helping give the sport a jolt of energy!

So, lessons learned…In the future I should learn to do my work down south in the winter so I can play on the weekends like everyone else. That will help me protect my assets a bit better. And finally, it should be a lesson for all to cover your eyes or upgrade your Kaenons or Oakleys if Mr. Clean comes by sans sombrero. You never know when temporary blindness could lead to tragic unforeseen consequences.

Kind regards,
Kenny Read