mmm beer…

A note from the folks from the Newport to Ensenada Race…

Sponsors?  We don’t need no stinkin’ sponsors!  Right?  Wrong! We do need sponsors.  Sponsors are great.  Without sponsors, everything about a race like N2E would cost more, a lot more.  It’d hit you hard in the wallet if you had to pay your share of what a race really costs. NOSA is a non-profit organization run by unpaid volunteers. The only thing money is spent on is promoting sailing and putting on a few races, of which N2E is the big one.  Without sponsors, it’d get real expensive, real fast.  All a sponsor asks is that you give their products and services a second thought when you buy things.

I could tell you all the official lines for all the sponsor’s products, but that’d just be more advertising.  I’d rather comment on products I have had some personal experience with, like the Lexus SC350 I drove for years.  I never had a more reliable car.  I still see it every day, as I sold it to my best friend, who I happen to work with. You gotta have faith in a car to sell it to your friend and expect to keep the friend.  Lexus makes very good cars. By-the-way, the skipper of the boat that finishes first on corrected time will win a two-year lease on a 2014 Lexus IS Sport, something no other race in the world offers!

Likewise, I have enjoyed both the Hotel Coral and Mount Gay Rum, even at the same time.  Who doesn’t have a few of the cherished red hats around?  Remember when we used to get a flask in the N2E skipper bags?  Hint, hint.  Vessel Assist has towed me a couple times, including my first N2E race when my mast broke in the middle of the night.  Thank goodness they were around.  Sailing Anarchy is a sponsor, what can I say.  West Marine – who sails and doesn’t depend on them for parts?  I’m sure the sponsors I haven’t had personal experience with are great too, if only because they are willing to spend their money supporting my sailboat racing habit.

N2E has a couple of new sponsors worthy of mention.  Let’s start with Ullman Sails.  You expect a sail loft to be really nice while soliciting your big new sail order, or even nice servicing someone who bought their sails from U/S.  It’s a competitive world.  Some time ago I bought my sails from someone else, someone who doesn’t have a loft in California.  Oops.  So I took my problems to Ullman.  And they took care of me.  Blown main tack?  No problem.  Ripped panels and batten pockets?  Delam in the jib, even recently, a broken batten?  No problem.  Here, try this one – no charge.  I’ve got to say I owe U/S for keeping me going with great service and great products.

And finally, last but not least, we have a very special new sponsor for N2E.  A sponsor you guys have been asking for.  Allow me to announce that N2E finally has a ….. (….wait for it…) …a BEER SPONSOR!   STELLLLAAAAA!

Yes indeed, Stella Artois is the official beer sponsor for the N2E race.  Do you know what this means?  Free beer at all the events and all the beer you can drink!  I’ll have my entry fee worked off in no time, or at least that’s what I thought at first.  It turns out to be not quite that much beer and not quite free.  At the moment they are only talking about low prices at the pre-race events.

What can I say? This isn’t good enough.  I think flowing beer is essential to all after-race activities.  Last year it was a little hard to find a beer at the awards ceremony.  I’m just saying we need to do better.  And with this pressure from Stella, Hotel Coral has stepped up with numerous beer stands and value-priced beer promised in Ensenada.   Who says we can’t make a difference?  Register for the 2013 Lexus N2E race and join us for a great time. Thanks to all the sponsors for making N2E possible.