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A little local knowledge for ya…

From the design board of Kiwi multi designer Tim Clissold, this is the first  production TC627, a big brother of sorts to the WETA, and able to be raced both with the beach cats/multis as well as the next size up of multihulls. Approximately 21 feet in length, the first boat has been recently completed by Italian/Thai boat builders Andaman Boatyard  in composite construction, with carbon rotating rig, twin rudders and features a small cuddy cabin for storing sails/gear and to go below (sort of).

The first boat shown here uses a ‘cruising spec’ heavier construction for the owner who is aiming to use the tri not for racing but for fishing and cruising up onto the beaches around the islands of Koh Samui, with a more simple rig and slightly different folding system requested by the owner. On the first sail out, the boat performed strongly, and is simple to sail, as well as very well behaved. Very fun! Price starts at $38k USD. Sweet ride. – Anarchist Kap.