little monsters

Well here’s my monster garage project.. quite the monster!

It’s a new 12 foot skiff hull that I’m building in Brisbane, Australia. I was always keen to race a boat I designed and built and the 12’s are a great candidate. The design started over a year ago now. Things have a way of evolving however, and we’re now building everything from hull to rigs and foils. ¬†Check this vid of the plug for 12 foot skiff hull being machined at Comtech Industries on their 5 axis NC mill.

There’s always a good crew around to help with the building which is fantastic and makes it so much easier. We successfully used a new rig (with cams) in the recent Interdominions at Brisbane. I’m starting to see the end in sight and can’t wait to get it on the water.. and send it downwind in 20 knots! – ¬†More here. Anarchist Ben.