walking on water

Eventually we all end up chasing the wind. How far- depends on our level of addiction and our sense of adventure. – Steve Bodner

This year again, I made the migration south on highway 1. 1500 miles later I reached the end of the road- Baja California Sur where the pacific ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Its a wind lovers paradise with gringos from across the US & Canada making the annual winter pilgrimage in search of wind and swell.

The el norte breeze blows down the Sea of Cortez producing rolling swell and a solid, wrap yourself up in a winter jacket kind of breeze even when the sun is at its mid day peak.

After nearly 25 years of windsurfing, I decided I needed something new. Kite boarding had been tempting me over to the dark side for the past few years with bigger fleets, ease of travel and a new way to walk on water. Read on.