our favorites

Speaking of Farr, Patrick Shaughnessy from FYD checks in with us for our that’s my favorite feature.

It’s an interesting idea to single out favorite designs from the past.  Here are a few standouts from FYD. I guess I would be speaking for quite a few of us here at Farr Yacht Design when I say that the Farr/Mumm 30 is a special boat that really stands out. You meet so many people that really enjoy this boat. Given the fact that we designed this boat in 1995, I think that its lasting impression is pretty special. The boat still looks relevant in its styling and has a good performance reputation. The majority of the boats in this fleet have been pushed pretty hard and remain good resale values. This project stands out to me because of its lasting impression.

I’ve enjoyed other projects like the 85ft ROMA that we designed for Filippo Faruffini in 2003 because of the great relationships we formed across the work. The boat remains a significant styling statement thanks to the great work of Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, and her back to back victories in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup clearly demonstrate that she has an excellent helping of performance to compliment that styling work. That project really stands out because it was so much fun to work on.

Our recent 23ft B/one designed for Bavaria Yachtbau is a rewarding project because it was conceived entirely here and eventually brought to realization. The idea was to have a very cost effective, fun boat that would get young people on the water. That idea I think works as well for FYD as a brand as it does for Bavaria. It seems like our sport as a whole hasn’t catered very well to younger sailors. Certainly a 23ft boat isn’t all the way down the scale but it is an important stepping stone that helps bridge the gap a bit. The B/one result is really an incredible combination of performance and value and stands out because of the emotion we invested in it.

We have a few pretty important design projects in the works here now. Hopefully our first entry in the motor boat design world becomes a successful project, and hopefully the Volvo Ocean 65 can deliver on its many competing goals and satisfy what looks like a pretty critical audience. I would say that we have some pretty good challenges at the moment, and if successful can hopefully produce some new favorites along the way.

Patrick Shaughnessy