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It’s a sad day for the SA community, who’ve had to say goodbye to one of the original Anarchists; Simon Evans a/k/a Bumcleat a/k/a Eventually a/k/a Evo passed away on Friday.  Simon embodied everything we stand for: He was a fierce competitor with a calm way about him, and an absolute love for the sea.  He questioned dogma, but respected rules.  Never one to back down from an argument; always respecting those who disagreed rationally,  but always ready to tear someone to shreds if warranted.  Simon is a big reason more people in Sydney log on to Sailing Anarchy than any other city in the world; his energy helped to frame our little community.  We know his legacy – love for the sea, for sailing, and for life – will live on in you, and in these forums.  With hundreds of thousands of Evo’s tales and advice – like this story of he and Katie’s little Lorikeet family – it will be impossible to forget him.

Our most massive condolences and hugs go out to another original Anarchist, who met Simon right here in the forums.  Katie a/k/a Skirt-Racer – we love you, and we hope you can take some comfort seeing just how many of us were touched by Simon.  You can all share your own thoughts, stories, or condolences in the thread.  For more, here’s what Katie posted earlier today:

As most of you know, Simon passed away Thursday night 17.01.13 from complications resulting from liver cancer. Simon’s illness was very sudden – he had recently returned from America after racing The Newport to Bermuda Race with his best friend Lorenzo on his boat, Bacci, and the Saturday before he got sick (20.09.2012) he had won a race on Sydney Harbour on one of his favorite yachts, Youngstar. Simon tried to check himself out of ICU so he could race the following Saturday. He certainly was a stubborn head-strong big Aussie Bloke!

After endless tests, scans, procedures, hospital stays we learned the first weekend in December that Simon had cancer. We met with the best oncologist in Sydney for cancer of the liver and were told chemo would be too dangerous and Simon wouldn’t survive surgery for a transplant. Simon was given a prognosis of two months; he still carried hope as knowing the liver was one organ that could repair itself enough for treatment and he hadn’t had a drink since the 20th of September. Unfortunately before his next oncology appointment Simon’s organs started failing (liver, kidneys, heart…) and he was admitted to HDU/ICU (08.01.13) Lorenzo flew in from New York and his beloved niece, Natassia Maree, from Alice Springs. We brought him home last Monday as he desperately wanted where he was able to stay until he lost consciousness Thursday morning. An ambulance took him to Calvary Palliative/Hospice where his best mates, Lorenzo and Lynda, and his family were able to say good-bye.

I feel so honored that I was able to know such a loving, honest, intelligent, strong, kind, gorgeous man for the last 8 years and to be his wife since 2007.  We were best friends and just really enjoyed each other’s company – often spiriting ourselves away together in our beloved flat in Cronulla cooking (Simon), talking (sailing, history, politics, books, jewelry, travel, art, food) laughing, teasing… Simon was my other half – the love of my life.

Simon gave me the most wonderful gift of introducing me to Australia.  I came to fall in love with Australia and its people and Simon was by my side when I proudly said the affirmation to become an Australian Citizen last Wednesday (the Mayor of the Sutherland Shire was kind enough to come to our home for the pledge a head of Australia Day). Simon was so excited that I wanted to be an Aussie.

Simon and I had spoken years ago that he would like to be scattered in several locations – (Yowie Bay, Bate Bay, Botany Bay, Sydney Harbour…) I’m going to do what I can to make that happen – in his very last words to me – “Yes, Dear”…

There will be more formal arrangements, as well. Please pass along the following if anyone wishes to attend the celebration of Simon’s life.

Simon’s service is this Thursday, 24th January – 12pm midday in the South Chapel, Woronora Crematorium, Linden Street, Sutherland (‘The Shire’) with a “get-together” (food & drinks) to follow:
The Historic Como Hotel, 35 Cremona Road, Como NSW 2226 www.thecomo.com.au 9528 9900

In lieu of flowers, donations to any of the following would be appreciated – envelopes available at the service or you may donate online:
WIRES (took care of Mr Squawk, the wild lorikeet we feed)  – www.wires.org.au
Sailors with disABILITIES – www.sailorswithdisabilities.com
Australian Red Cross (Simon had numerous blood and plasma transfusions) – www.donateblood.com.au
The ACU Refugee Program on the Thai-Burma Border – www.acu.edu.au/Thai-Burma

And just be kind to one another…

Thank you.