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Some say his products changed their life for the better, while others accuse his odd motor/sail hybrid of driving people away from sailing.  Either way, it’s the end of an era with Roger MacGregor announcing his retirement the other day.  His daughter says she’ll be offering a similar boat, but that might be a tough ask; Roger brilliantly created his own niche and owned it for years, and it was Roger that knew how to give his customers exactly what they wanted – including some 38,000 boats over 45 years.  The debate about the Mac 25/26/M/X will go on until the last one is in a landfill – or a museum.  But Roger ‘s Macs undeniably put thousands upon thousands of people on the water, and that’s all right by us.  Enjoy your retirement, you savvy bastard, secure in the knowledge that, for better or worse, your yacht design legacy is in the video below.  Find more chat in the thread.