long time no speak

Going for a look that’s part ‘70s porn-star, part Chopper Reid as he heads North along Brazil’s fine beaches, Alex Thomson has had only the most limited contact with other humans since his power problems began what seems like eons ago.  With the generators fixed, we figured it would be the perfect time to get Mr. Clean on the batphone with him for a chat with an always-entertaining guy.

Considering the speed of the VPLP/Verdier boats, Alex is having the race of his life, and we’re sure you Anarchists have some questions for him as he closes on his first-ever non-stop solo circumnavigation and a good looking third or fourth place.

So what do you want to know from the fashionable Englishman with the unfashionable ‘stache? Post your questions here before Tuesday at 9 AM EDT/1400 GMT, and the best one wins a brand new logo tee.