she’s got a new spell

The first of the newest Olympic class – the mixed-gender Nacra 17 – hit American shores on Friday, and it didn’t take long for the United States’ frontrunners for the Brazil games to run her through her paces.  The Thai-built boats have had some teething problems – the carbon rigs have been replaced with much heavier tin masts – but this one still looked powerful and sexy hurdling along at 18 knots in 12.  You’re looking at multiple US multihull, Tybee 500, and F-18 champ John Casey along with helmchick (and former SCOTW) Sarah Newberry.  Check out their site here, and dig in your pockets if you want the US to get a medal in Brazil; buying a couple of their shirts will get them another few feet on the road to South America.  Meredith Block photo, and yes – that’s videographer Petey Crawford in the water…he likes to shoot from behind…

Title thanks to our favorite commie folk singer.