just do it

This text came up after Bubi’s (Javier Sanso, skipper of Acciona 100% EcoPowered) Cape Horn  rounding.. sharing toughs from the guys supporting Bubi, those who sleep with the telephone “on” beside the bed, day at night , tracking Icebergs , finding solutions for technical issues , cheering him up when he is in trouble. Its a long history of friendship, from many years, many miles together. Ricardo and Pedro , managing the team  and long time friends of Bubi, and its written from the heart. 

Every idea turns into a dream which awaits its chance to become reality. Bubi was dreaming about the Vendée Globe for a very long time before his first participation in the 2000-2001 edition of the race; a long time ago, and he probably no longer remembers when he actually had the idea, nor when that idea became a dream in his life. He shared it with everyone who took the time to listen to him, until he found someone who like him, had the same concerns and were able to make the idea of the very first Eco-powered racing boat into a reality: ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered.

It has not been an easy task to be pioneers; having to take risks and undertake responsibilities that others beforehand neither wanted nor were able to assume. It has taken the work of an entire international and multi-disciplinary team that for years has been dedicated to the science, feeling and courage of this unique, singular project, marking sailing history with the use of renewable energies. This is the unique stamp that this project will leave in its undertaking – an indelible and harmless mark, a true ideal to be followed.

Comparable to the construction of the Tower of Babel engineers, scientists, sailors, physicians, electronics, electrical, legal and tax experts, administrators, meteorologists, doctors, physical trainers, journalists and photographers, marketing directors, friends and family,English,Spanish,Frenchs,Belgians, Germans, New Zealanders, Australians, Chileans…..no one can be missing from this list, not even the libertarian Botox – the guard dog of the area reserved for the team and who alone would decide who was allowed to enter.

An intense and strenuous job towards a common goal, for Bubi to stand witness on his circumnavigation of the world, and prove that little by little with the encouragement and backing of many, a peculiar dream would take the shape of a dream with its own life, an actual reality. As in the work of Calderón de la Barca, “La Vida es Sueño” (Life is a Dream), dreams become mixed up with life and life with dreams. Bubi has likewise undertaken his dreams and with determination day after day succumbed to the whims of the weather and the many challenges imposed from competing in this solo, non-stop round the world race without assistance, the Vendée Globe.

Behind him lie the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, the fearful Cape Horn, the unpredictable North Atlantic, the desperation of the Doldrums, the frozen Southern Indian Ocean, the penetrating humidity of the Pacific (pacific in name only) and the dream continues on, tirelessly, and one which thanks to his eco-sufficient and unlimited energy presents new challenges to be beaten.

Why not? Why not continue dreaming whilst awake?