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You may have noticed the Volvo Ocean Race recently announced they were retiring the Media Crew Member (MCM) position, replacing it with the On-Board Reporter (OBR) program.  What you might not realize is how the loss of the word ‘crew’ signals just how different the new job will be.  Their job will be to get the stories at all costs, regardless of how the crew of their boat feels about it; these guys and gals will be working for the VOR and the fans – not for the teams, and they may even be rotated from boat to boat.

Maybe now that the media job is at least as important than the racers’, the Volvo will finally get rid of the nonsensical rules that allow the media guy to cook and clean all the time.  Videos, photos, stories, editing, compressing, uploading; that’s plenty of work, thank you very much.

Volvo starts looking at CVs and cover letters soon; try [email protected] for what could be the best or the worst ever job in the reporting world.