old school, always fun

From the Class Action files…

With all the talk about stars on SA lately I wanted to drop you a line and perhaps you’d like to let your readers know about a one design class known as a Narrasketuck. Essentially, it is a planing star. Yep you read correctly, a planing star. At 20’4″ and legal weight at 800 lbs, is uses a slightly cut down star mast. It also incorporates a “sandbar friendly” centerboard and a seaweed free skeg mounted rudder setup.

These boats point like a setter and come off the wind like a Nantucket sleigh ride. In a good breeze with a good crew will plane upwind. Downwind, the ride is going to be fast, wet and FUN! It’s a class of boat known only to the south shore of Long Island. Often referred to as clam boats for their flat, wide stance. Designed in 1935 as a racing fleet for the yacht club of the same name by Wilbur Ketcham of amityville, NY.

It is one of the largest and oldest fleets competing up and down the bay all summer and well into fall. Owners love to show off their boats capabilities, train new crew, and give rides to the adventurous. More can be learned and class officers can be contacted at www.narrasketuckoda.org. – Anarchist James.