jesse’s girl

Remember that adorable little teen SCOTW who sailed around the world alone, non-stop, as the youngest ever to do so?  Well, she’s breaking our heart again; this time, as crew aboard her I-14 skiff ‘Ella Bache,’ winning the I-14 Australian Championship.  Sure she came 22 of 26 in boat-for-boat scoring, but the weird local handicap system they use to dual-score the I-14s in Oz still gave Jess a National Champ win, even if it’s got an asterisk attached. She doesn’t look too bad on the wire either; can we be the first to ask Jess to please, oh please, stay in the sport forever?  And while you’re at it, stay in the limelight.  Whether you enjoy it or not, you shine there.

Photo thanks to Andrew Gough and title from the ultimate in Rick Springfield 80’s cheese, reinterpreted for your pleasure by Children of Bodom.