not playing favorites

Part two of our “you’re my favorite” design series comes from Bruce Nelson. Bruce said he really didn’t have a favorite, but he did give us some insight about the most fun and significant designs. Though only partial, that is one impressive body of work.

The first one is always the most fun (25 ft Quarter-Tonner Blivit, 1978 North American Champion), the 36 ft One-Tonner Rush (1980 NA Champ) was probably the most significant (as far as putting NMYD on the map) but the later designs were all far better with respect to quality, engineering, performance, etc.

Everything changes with time, and way too many boats to single out just a few – Renegade, Dimensions, Stars & Stripes, Thunderbolt, Reliance, Brooke Ann, Saga/Swiftsure III, Lone Star, High Roler, Sleeper, Insatiable, Infinity, Idler, Cowboy, Crazy Horse, Babe Ruthless, Locura, Cooter, Challenge 88, Cheval, Easy Go, Zoo III, Collaboration, Sensation, Bullseye, Bright Star, Regardless, Vim III, Invincible, Karen, AmericaOne, Yassou, Scoot, the Formula One, 1D35, Sierra 26 (pictured above) and the Vespoli Olympic Gold rowing shells all stand out as being significant and memorable (plus a few others I’ve forgotten). But the next ones will be my new favorites – just the way it goes!