heroes of hobart

Plenty of good stories remain after a record-breaking Sydney-Hobart, and we enjoyed this one from Anarchist “Jason AUS” aboard the TP52 ‘Wot Eva’.  Read the last page of the Hobart thread for more stories, photos, videos, and information on the Hobart than anywhere else on the web, and check out a great mainstream news story of their mixed-ability crew here.

Fuck me…. 10 Hobarts ticked, and that one was a full degustation menu….

Great start, very decent first afternoon bashing our way south hanging with the faster 50’s like Secret Men’s Business, Bad Dolly, and Akakakatea. Until the #3 jib blew up near Botany. Oh well, only 615 odd miles to go… At least the softening breeze allows us to use the #1 heavy. Oh, now that’s split along a seam…
Oh well, only 600 odd miles to go… But the breeze is building again so I’m sure if the breeze stays in we can stay on a full main and the #4 and keep holding Akatea and Frantic…
Crap. It’s easing. Oh well, only 595 odd miles to go….

Therein followed 4 days of power reaching, beating, a glassout in Bass Strait, hard running, another glass out, more reaching, another glass out (this one with complimentary 360 degree circles), some light airs running down the NE Tassie coast and then 24 hours of getting smashed in the face repeatedly. Finish with a tacking duel in (literally) the last mile with a cheeky R/P42 from NZ to just get past them and pip them by about 30 seconds after a round of special rum coffees. Inspiration comes in many forms.

And lots of channel 10 news crosses from the boat being interrupted by large waves, a spewing cameraman (first afternoon only to his credit) and people getting washed down the deck. Our mast man also managed a wicked “Nacho Libre” style body slam into our pit person and one of the watch captains – a full on WWE double clothesline.

But we finished, which was the #1 goal. Everyone arrived in Hobart with a few bruises, but all fingers/limbs intact – goal #2. And we’re all still talking to each other – goal #3. Boat (mostly) intact, barring a few front flappy things. Sure, we were probably 10 places down on where we wanted to be, but we had a great time. And we can honestly say that we earnt every single mile of that race track – none of it was given to us easily. I’m damned proud of the way that everyone got stuck in (we even had the C10 reporter Ashela volunteering at watch changes to make coffee) and I’m damned proud and lucky to be counted as part of that team. It’s mindblowingly awesome to sail with a crew who have absolutely zero ego, and who don’t let themselves be hampered by the disability tag society slaps them with. They may never get a swimming pool or a cricket ground named after them, but they’re heroes in my book.

Next year however…. we gotta get a bigger boat.