new years differerent day

Update: What part of  “I am an idiot” didn’t I understand? What I really meant to say was that it was good that we were put in Class 1. – Photo of Anarchy looking like we know what we are doing by Da Woody. Looks can be deceiving…Ed.

Nothing changes on New Year’s DayFor the most part, that’s true, especially here in Dago where we sail the annual SDYC New Years Day Race seemingly every year and usually with a wonderful combination of hangover mixed with zeal. While the hangover is sure to be there,  not so much zeal this year on Anarchy.  as the club is going to score it under Time on Time handicap, rather than Time on Distance. Not exactly earth shattering to some of you, but it is a first for this event and should be interesting. But that isn’t the bummer, at least for us.

What is, however, is the decision by Bruce Nelson, the SDYC handicapper, to move the Flying Tigers out of their normal Class 2 and put them into Class 1 – racing now against some very quick 50, 60 and 70 footers. It is a move with no logic and sure to please no one, especially me. Perhaps even more dopey, the Cheetah 30 SupaFly (which rates 54 PHRF random leg to the Flying Tiger’s 48), not only wasn’t also punitively put in Class 1, but they didn’t even get to stay in class 2. No, they were inserted down in Class 4, to be racing not TP 52’s, or 70′ sleds like we are, but rather against boats like, cough, Thistles(!), cough. Take a look at the class breaks here.

It is one thing to introduce change, and the TOT v TOD switch is welcomed. But why move boats into classes that they have no business being in? Whatever. Maybe I’ll push his ass in the water this year!  – Ed. Jump in the discussion thread if you like.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year, y’all! What the hell kind of year would it be without me starting off with a complaint?