the new craze?

Anarchist and NY Times contributer Chris Museler shares a few thoughts on  “Eco Sailing” and more…

A story I wrote this week for The New York Times highlights the fascinating path of Spaniard Javier “Bubi” Sanso in the current Vendee Globe. Bubi’s boat, sponsored by renewable energy company Acciona, is the first in the history of the race to eliminate the need for diesel fuel. In effect, and he is proving this now, the boat can go on indefinitely.

Why did it take so long for what would be considered one of the “greenest” of sports to pull off the grid? The answer is simple, nobody had gotten to it yet. It is easy to stick with the known diesel generator to charge batteries and focus on developing their foils and sails. The designers at Owen Clarke Design designedAcciona 100% Ecopoweredconsidering the renewable energy sources from the start with, for example, solar panels laid into the beveled rails on both sides of the hull. Read on.