pick it up

A good reminder about our oceans, environment, and what you can do to be a part of making it better…

You might have seen me eating all the sandwiches in the coach boats for programs such as Samba Pa Ti, Barking Mad and Ironbound this year, and if you know me , you will know that your crew lunch bag is never safe in my hands. Coach boat food consumption is directly proportional to results, so if you want your lunch, you better get in the top 3. Nothing like a bit of Pavlovian conditioning to get the required results, but there is another part to my sailing life that I am immensely proud of , and that is being the co-founder of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.

Rozalia Project has grown from Rachael Z. Miller and I sitting on a trash covered beach in Maine in 2009, to a 60 person operation in summer 2012. Rozalia Project has been kicking ass and taking names in 2012: Rozalia Project removed 526,481 pieces of ocean trash weighing 86 tons. 10,529 people participated in trash removal as part of trash tour 2012 at 72 locations in 17 states. Rozalia Project employed 41 long term unemployed or Hurricane Irene effected people to clean up ocean litter. Rozalia Project’s 60ft sailing research vessel American Promise conducted 4 science research projects into marine debris distribution and Rozalia Project had 21 marine science interns aboard American Promise being hands on with cutting edge research and equipment. American Promise sailed over 2000 miles cleaning the waters of the Atlantic seaboard.

2013 is revving up for another big year:
Launch Mission Atlantic– 4 scientific expeditions aboard American Promise to the far reaches of the Atlantic seaboard, being followed by 15,000 kids in marine based summer programs, via web, video and tour visits. Sign up your sailing program, or sign up to join the expedition as an intern.Greening of American Promise– we are inspired by Javier Sanso, American Promise is going 100% ecopowered. We are working with Bruce Schwab, who is speccing out all the renewable and power systems. Bubi has shown the way, there is no excuse not to follow.

Keep cleaning our waterways, one piece of trash at a time. Start showing the world that more ocean floor gets clean cut by bottom trawling in a year than the whole land surface of the united states. We are killing our marine floor environments, and we are going to help stop this destructive practice. Clean up ocean trash from the shores of Maine’s remotest offshore islands.

Rozalia Project needs your help in making a difference: sponsor an intern (we saw our interns grow from shy college students to inspirational leaders in making a difference for our oceans). Help us convert American Promise to 100% ecopowered. Help 15,000 kids become inspired by the ocean during Mission Atlantic. Further ocean science in ocean pollution and benthic habitat destruction. Sign up now for one of our intern positions on our scientific expeditions and help make a difference. Whatever you do, do not sit on your ass and complain about trash in the water or let it float on by. Pick it up or help Rozalia Project come and pick it up. Rozalia Project would like to thank the many sailors and sailing programs who have
supported us both financially and morally in 2012.

Donate today.
All donations are tax deductible, Rozalia Project is a 501c3 non profit. When you see American Promise roll into your harbor this year, pray we do not moor close to you. You will be entertained 2 Newfoundland dogs aboard called Hickory and Smudge, 6 interns , 2 scientists and 4 crew. Come on over and say hello, and get inspired by people making a difference.

Over and Out, back to eating sandwiches on the coach boat.

James Lyne
co-founder Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean