bernard’s at the door

Ever-vigilant industry professional Sophie Luther had an interesting view out the back door of her Dunedin, NZ place this morning when a visitor popped in for a bit of work to his wee yacht.

That is, of course, Bernard Stamm, who had to sail all the way back to Kiwiland to find enough shelter to fix his busted-ass hydrogenerateur and main pedestal.  Meanwhile, the guy with no power problems at all and the consist ability to claw back distance he loses to broken bits -– Bubi Senso aboard ACCIONA – has yet another mainsail car or track issue, and he’ll need to climb the mast again.  Is there a record for time spent up the mast on a Vendee Globe?

Thanks to the SA community, the Vendee Globe thread continues to be the simplest and best place to get all the news, links, and translated videos from the 2012 race.  And again, thanks to Sophie for the superb shot.